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Photo of Sofia Schlieben

Sofia Schlieben

Corporate Pastry Chef of JF Restaurants

Born and raised on the Upper West Side of New York City, Sofia Schlieben is the Corporate Pastry Chef at JF Restaurants, Chef & Restaurateur John Fraser’s hospitality group. From an early age, Sofia was fascinated by the world of baking, and her passion for pastry led her to pursue a career in the culinary arts. 

Sofia's culinary journey commenced during her early years, when she found herself working at Artichoke Pizza at 19 years old, sparking her interest in the culinary world. Eager and inquisitive, she began building connections and eventually secured an internship with an esteemed pastry chef at Jean Georges. Her time at the three-Michelin-starred establishment ignited a profound passion for the art of fine dining, propelling her through an illustrious 15-year career across some of the city's finest restaurants.  

In 2011, Sofia embarked on a new chapter in her culinary journey as the Executive Pastry Chef at Veritas, where she created innovative and approachable desserts, presented cleanly and elegantly. Her rising skills in pastry artistry earned her a Chocolatier position at Chef Thomas Keller’s renowned three-Michelin-star restaurant, Per Se, from 2013 to 2015. During her tenure, Sofia mastered the creations of chocolate desserts, leaving a lasting impression on guests. Even today, as a seasoned pastry chef, her fondness for the craft endures, with tempering chocolate remaining one of her most cherished techniques. 

After achieving an impressive culinary portfolio, Sofia became acquainted with Chef John Fraser’s team, where she joined as the Corporate Pastry Chef from 2016 to 2018. During this time, she oversaw the development of pastry programs at all New York City restaurants, including Dovetail, NIX, and The Loyal, earning high praise and recognition for her unique and creative desserts. 

In 2019, Sofia spearheaded the development of the program and oversaw the operations for the re-opening of Vesuvio Bakery. Her visionary approach paid homage to the rich history of this iconic NYC location, infusing it with modern twists on classic Italian pastries, lunches, and breads. 

Sofia returned to the JF Restaurant family in 2023 as the Corporate Pastry Chef. In her current role, she oversees pastry on a national level and aims to refine the pastry program with the unmatched culinary expertise that Chef John Fraser’s acclaimed restaurants have become known for. Sofia is dedicated to building teams and programs that everyone can be proud of while showcasing her love for the pastry arts and exceptional hospitality.  

Sofia's unique personal style is based on approachable flavors, presented in clean yet inventive ways, with a big emphasis on textures and heightening the overall meal and establishment. Her passion for the culinary arts has led her to become a respected pastry chef in the industry, and her contributions have helped elevate the standards of pastry in New York City's dining scene.